The simplest way to elevate your brand is by giving your customers what they want – a pure and authentic cannabis experience. The new Entourage Terpenes hemp essential oils are what you’ve been looking for to take your product line to the highest level of purity and user benefits.

How Entourage Terpenes Achieve Industry-Leading Purity

What sets Entourage Terpenes apart from the competition is the care and attention to detail within the entire process from plant to production. The collaboration begins directly with hemp farmers to cultivate an organic growing community which makes it possible to extract the most robust terpenes. From there, advanced extraction and processing methods are used to retain the natural profile of the plant.

This level of unmatched nurturing and innovation through each stage of growing and production leads to superior products overall and ultimately, a dramatically enhanced user experience.

The Benefits Your Customers Will Experience With Entourage Terpenes Hemp Essential Oil

#1- Industry Leading Purity

All terpene profiles are from a single origin hemp flower, with no other flavorings or botanical terpenes added. The Entourage Terpenes cannabis-only terpene and flavonoid concentrate is highest in terpenes compared to any other product on the market. Our Platinum line contains 990 mg per ml.

Because of our unique and proprietary growing methods, Entourage Terpenes is able to achieve the following from a single flower:

• 100% hemp-derived terpenes and flavonoids- nature’s design
• Some batches contain over 20 terpene types
• THC compliant, 0.0%
• 100% pure hemp terpene extract
• Solvent-free
• Higher concentration than leading competitors
• Contains the missing elements for the full entourage effect, just as nature intended

#2- Enhanced Fragrance and Flavor

Entourage Terpenes retains the natural profile of the hemp plant which produces high quality, naturally sweet-smelling terpenes. This means that users can enjoy an authentic, wonderfully pleasant natural flavor with zero artificial flavorings or non-cannabis terpenes.

#3- Unparalleled Efficacy

Many products today contain less than 2% terpenes, leaving users feeling disappointed with the efficacy of the product. Because Entourage Terpenes fills that gap with over 20 terpene types in a single flower profile, users experience the full cannabinoid benefits – leading to customer satisfaction and retention.

#4- Enhanced User Experience

The pure, single flower profile allows users to experience a true terpene and flavonoid expression for a dramatically enhanced entourage effect.

#5- Competitive Pricing

Entourage Terpene oils are available to you at an affordable wholesale price per MG.

#6 – Availability

Because of our abilities in sustainable, organic crop cultivation practices, we have produced thousands of acres of high quality hemp flower. No order is too big or too small.

Bottom line – When you add Entourage Terpenes hemp essential oils to your product line, you’ll be offering your customers a superior level of purity, efficacy, enhanced fragrance, flavor, and user experience – all at affordable wholesale pricing.

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