Our Why

We believe that all life and human sustainability is intimately connected to the health of our soils and our plants.

We believe in empowering women, plants and our planet’s climate. A percentage of our proceeds go to support the tree sisters. Entourage Terpenes have been grown with the most innovative, sustainable, regenerative, organic cultivation methodologies known to man. With a primary focus on soil health for carbon sequestration and plant nutrient density, the team at Kind Roots has successfully implemented an artisan growing methodology called “The Soil Balance System”. This system is custom tailored to enhance the hemp plants secondary metabolic process of oil production and terpene production. It incorporates precision, finely timed fertilization recommendations within a highly biologically active, living soil system.

We believe that the life or “probiotics” we give the soil is equal to the life or quality we receive from her. With a primary focus on quality, our terpenes expressions contain over 20 types of terpenes in a single flower profile versus our competitors in the space who either add isolated non-cannabis terpenes to a mixture or contain 5 to 10 terpenes in their natural profile. Entourage Terpenes contains the most diverse, naturally occurring profile in the industry.

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