KR2 – Lifter

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  • 1 ml of Platinum treats approximately 4 ounces of flower
  • 1 ml of Platinum treats approximately 41 vape cartridges
  • 1 ml of Platinum treats approximately 87 dabs
  • 1 ml of Platinum treats approximately 36 diffusers cycles
  • 25 terpene types from a single flower

Entourage Terpenes is a cannabis only terpene and flavonoid concentrate. Our terpene profiles are from a single origin hemp flower, with no botanical terpenes added. Our pure, single flower profile allows users to experience a true terpene and flavonoid expression for a dramatically enhanced entourage effect.

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Approximate terpene mg per ml may vary.

8 reviews for KR2 - Lifter

  1. Bertha E.

    Good experience, better flavor and better high

  2. Stefanie

    I am so impressed with this product it works as the site says it does, the effect was instant and lasted a few hours strong very satisfied!!! 🙂

  3. Omar O.

    Awesome! honestly enhanced my high something I have never experienced before! Would definietly recommend to all smokers

  4. Maddy D.

    Great. Tasted absolutely amazing when I sprayed it on my wax! I couldn’t taste as much when I hit my rig with it but when I used my nectar collector it was a very good and different taste!

  5. Vicki T.

    Love it !!!!!! Helps me relax this is what I have needed.

  6. Vicki T.

    Relaxing. It seemed to relax me some

  7. Joshua M.

    Great smell and effects

  8. Joe R.

    Love it! Pleasantly smooth

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